I believe in the spirit of Christmas

Christmas TreeYOU SEE I believe in Christmas, always have, to me it isn’t what present someone buys me, shows me how much they care, the more expensive the better or I am going to be disappointed. What happened to the days when being thought of meant something not what you received?

I have been targeted by a close family member because they felt what they received was not acceptable, not enough, if only they knew how much love and thought went into attempting to choose something that they would love, because they are so hard to buy for, never have I ever been so hurt, AGAIN WHAT HAPPENED too, that meaning of Christmas, why has it turned so COMMERCIAL.

I love and believe in the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS, embracing the good in others and helping those less fortunate then us, giving of time to show you care, smiling, laughing and enjoying life, being kind and considerate, giving and most of all letting go of past hurts.

I am a giver, can’t help it, it is who I am and I really CARE about people, I couldn’t think of a way to give to you all, I came up with GIVING, GIVING, GIVING XMAS SPECIALS from my heart:

I AM GIVING TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS IF YOU WISH OR NOT, however over the next week I will be providing massive discounts on my services, you can give as a Gift to someone special who may just need a helping hand, or use it for yourself.


Gift vouchers valid – make bookings before 30/3/2014
All services offered in person, skype, email or phone, I have client’s all over Australia and overseas

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