Sometimes you just need to get away to get a different perspective

Every Retreat is designed specifically to assist YOU with improving communication; changing negative beliefs; building personal responsibility; tackling fear; procrastination; self-management; abundance and; confidence, with the aim of creating successful relationships.

Also offered are EXCLUSIVE Couples Weekends where you and your partner/wife/husband can have my dedicated attention to work through your perceived issues, in a loving, caring external environment.

Ladies Pamper Weekend

imagesCatering for groups, parties eg Hen’s weekends, birthday parties for the ladies, ladies getaway weekends with friends etc. As women we normally place ourselves last and give to everyone else, feeling drained and exhausted.  Be pampered!  I will focus on working on both the external and internal emotions helping your Body, Mind and Soul. With my guidance, learn the tools to let go of the emotions that hold you back and identify and overcome your blocks in life.  Attend one of our pre organised retreats or contact me and create your own group weekend Retreat. Experience the most amazing life for yourself, because YOU are worth it!

Reigniting your relationship

romantic-dinner-otherWith all life’s influences, have you forgotten the most important person in your life?  Your partner!  Do you feel like you are living with a friend or room mate?  Has the passion gone from your once intimate relationship?  Do you have to book a time to be intimate or are you not being intimate at all? The general perception of a stale relationship is that the relationship becomes complacent after being together for a long time.  However, extensive studies and feedback shows that  the disconnection may commence a lot earlier.  The top 10 most common reasons of disconnection are: when a baby arrives; children are put first; teenagers being teenagers; medical issues; career objectives; persons working away from the home base; becoming too complacent with the relationship; being taken for granted; mistrust; the feeling of living alone in a relationship and; lack of intimacy. It is never too early or too late to ensure YOUR relationship is everything YOU ever wanted it to be.  I can help you reignite your relationship and bring the passion and excitement back into your life. Don’t miss this one!

Conscious Uncoupling – work through your break up, separation, divorce and build a happy future

separation divorceEven though my aim in life is to help people sustain their relationships, I also appreciate that sometimes relationships end and letting go of a relationship is not easy.
I understand the pain and emotional turmoil that is created when a relationship does not survive, however I do realize if you have both tried everything to make your relationship work and you are becoming someone you are not happy to be, it is time to let go!

This Retreat is for singles, males and females, who want to keep their integrity and learn how to continue life without their ex.  Where to from here?  The aim of this retreat is to, in a short period of time, provide you with the tools to lead a loving and fulfilling life without your ex. Find out about the tools to survive the break up and move on to a brand new exciting life where you cherish yourself and don’t recreate past mistakes, in a loving, caring and nourishing environment.

Exclusive couple weekend

downloadIf you are private and don’t wish to share your feelings with others, I have created an Exclusive weekend just for YOU and your partner. I understands and appreciate how busy lives are today and that is why weekend retreats are provided throughout the year, learn the tools to “Reignite your Relationship” in a weekend.


I offer a 15% discount for Retreats paid in full 14 days prior to their commencement. All Retreats are held in a beautiful penthouse, with amazing ocean views, secluded decks, at Kings Beach, Caloundra.

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