step-families-615x425You’ve found Mr or Mrs Right and decided to take the next step and start a new combined family or are you already living in a Step Family environment.


When I commenced my 1st Step Family over 16 years ago, I must admit I wore my love goggles, I just didn’t see Steps.  Why would I, if I love this man and he loves me, why can’t we just live a happy family, with love, honesty, respect for all, my expectations were too high.

I didn’t realise the statistics of actually surviving a second/ third relationship, many separating and ending in Divorce, this wasn’t going to happen to me; I finally found the love of my life.

I didn’t realise I was walking into a minefield of emotionally painful experiences, each step creating another atomic reaction.  I searched and searched for professional advice, I couldn’t find anyone to speak too without a waiting list of 6 months, I wasn’t sure if I could survive the next 6 months.  So I read books, every book I could find (at that time not many on this subject and no internet).

I believed in the relationship and our new family, I believed in my partner (we have different views as we should, but we eventually listened to each other)

NO ONE spoke the raw truth “a step family relationship is hard work”, no matter how accommodating, nice or understanding you are, there will be issues for example, I didn’t realise just how much influence an ex can have on my relationship, after all I was an ex and encouraged my daughters relationship with her dad and new step mum.

I would like to thank all of my step family clients who over the years who stated I helped them gain a different perspective on how to deal with situations that are not familiar to a first time relationship.

Would your Step Family relationship benefit from gaining a different perspective on any of the following, let me help you:

  • What about my assets, I already lost 80% last time around? Learn the tools for Cohabitation Agreements, business is business and love is love they are not the same thing.
  • Expectations for our Family
  • Where do we live?
  • Our new Family Rules
  • Children – disciplining, chores, expectations etc
  • Finances – who pays for what? Child Support etc
  • Meals – expectations of meal time
  • Dealing with Ex’s
  • Combining the new external families
  • Where do Ex-inlaws (grandparents) fit in
  • Legalities – Wills, Superannuation information for step families etc

All services are offered through private appointments, in person, skype or over the phone or you could book a One Day Seminar.

I understand the first step is the hardest step to take, but don’t hesitate, if you feel lost and confused and need direction to starting your personal or family journey to relationship success and happiness, call 0426 218869 or email me at [email protected]  Refer to Fee Schedule

Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone