Make up or Break up

Hello, if you have chosen this page, you may have asked yourself this question about your relationship many times and are unsure what to do?

Let me share a little about me, I am a professional in this field, well-educated and gained many tools through qualifications. (I needed the qualifications so you would feel comfortable in working with me).  However the secret to how I help you is through the many life lessons I have experienced. Personally surviving Domestic Violence and the stalker.  Juggling with a Gambler/Emotional Abuser.  Dating in different decades. Finding the person I thought was the one (you only now what you know at anytime) and marrying him.  Living with a partner on the ASD spectrum (not that we knew then) separating. Traversing a divorce and then living in a Step Family.  Each decade presented a different and new challenge.

images-1I believe great unconditional loving relationships exist, I understand they have their challenges and at times they can be hard work.  Growing up in a stable, secure loving family environment everyone said how lucky I was.  My grandparents were married for 60 years. My parents still happily married for nearly 50 years.  I was destined a forever wonderful relationship, wasn’t I?

Unfortunately not, I wore “love goggles” .  I tried really hard to make relationships work that I should have left years earlier.

Are your “love goggles” on?  

Is it time to take them off and look at your situation with an open loving heart?

We all intuitively know what we should do, I help you to hear your intuition. The first step is that little feeling inside that something is wrong.  You try to ignore it, sometimes we just don’t listen to it, that little feeling is just letting you know that something is not right.  What is your intuition saying?


We then work out what your next move is – is it time to make up or break up?

You never have to stay in an abusive relationship, no matter how many times someone says “they won’t hit you again”. Or they apologise, they have continuous affairs, or emotionally abuse you, you have a right to be happy and safe.

Maybe your relationship is just stale.  Would it benefit from some tools to reignite the passion? I have helped many couples reignite what they thought was an ending.

romantic-dinner-otherSome of the services in this arena are:

  • Make Up or Break Up?
  • Reignite the Passion in a Stale Relationship
  • Am I living a toxic maybe? Domestic Violence Relationship!
  • How to Escape and Survive Domestic Violence?

All services are offered through private appointments, in person, skype or over the phone. Or you could book a One Day Seminar.

I understand the first step is the hardest step to take, but don’t hesitate, if you feel lost and confused and need direction to starting your personal journey to happiness, call 0426 218869 or email me at [email protected]  Refer to Fee Schedule


Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone