Relationships when broken are most of the time very painful; you are emotionally exhausted and just trying to survive yourself, this I have heard from hundreds of clients.

Sometimes we may forget about the most important little people in our lives, our beautiful children. No matter how young or old they are, no matter how strong or stable they seem to be coping, DON’T be fooled, they are affected.

They had no choice in the decision, their whole lives have changed, the stability, security love they once knew has gone and they could do nothing to make it better.  Some will even blame themselves or be blamed by a parent or external party.

We are the PARENTS, our children are not our emotional leaning post, they should never feel a need to take sides and protect one or the other parent.  Our children should never hear bad things about their other parent; after all REMEMBER they are half of both parents.  What does that message teach them?

Children need to know that the decision of a break up has nothing to do with them and that both parents love the children unconditionally and will try to work together in the best interest of their Children.  This produces stable young adults with self-respect and self-esteem.

I have a passion for helping children; they seem never to have a voice when I listen to parents fighting over them. The name calling, the verbal abuse occurring between the parents causes the children to become peacemakers, overprotecting the other parent, trying to make everything better!

Things need to change, you loved your ex once, even if for a short time, your children don’t need to bear that pain, they are going through their own pain and most of the time in silence or acting out like aggression, over eating, with drawn, cutting, self-harm, etc.

Does the above resonate with you, some situations we discuss are listed below and I provide you with innovative parenting tools to help you work towards co-parenting.

  • Recognizing unhealthy signs of children involved in separation and divorce
  • Raising Children Alone (You are the parent, they are not your friend)
  • Creating Rules – Dealing with Bad Behaviour – the Art of Tough Love
  • Child/Parent Agreement (You and your child’s Expectations)
  • Budgeting (Chores and how to safe their money)
  • Career Counselling, building their future

All services are offered through private appointments, in person, skype or over the phone or you could book a One Day Seminar.

I understand the first step is the hardest step to take, but don’t hesitate, if you feel lost and confused, have tried everything and nothing seems to have worked, call me 0426 218869 or email me at [email protected]  Refer to Fee Schedule

Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone