Blended families work

GrandmaI would like to share a personal situation which occurred over Xmas, ensures we are on the right track and continue believing in families.

You see, my eldest daughter lives in a step family relationship with her partner, a beautiful little step son and two amazing sons of her own.

On Xmas Eve we all attended the great grandparents home to celebrate Xmas before the big day arrived and children are ferried all over to ensure they spend a little of Xmas with all family members.

All of my grandchildren enjoyed themselves, were spoilt a little with presents and spoilt a lot with love.

My step grandson, who is only 5 years old and caught up in the step family arena, really enjoyed himself and asked “Could we be his family?”, my daughter whom is amazing replied “Sweetheart, they already are your family”.

This little man felt so loved and he didn’t feel any steps.

I believe life is how you make someone feel, not what you purchase for them, you can’t take things with you when you go, however no one can every take from you wonderful emotions.

make someone feel special and they will be special;

make someone feel loved and they will know how to love;

make someone laugh and they will know how to spread joy.

I am blessed in my own personal journey, to have met and have so many wonderful people around me, children, step-children, adopted children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren etc etc.

There are no steps in my home, everyone is welcome and everyone is loved and respected as I feel it should be.

Don’t let negativity into this joyous period, I wish for you all that your holiday is amazing and your families are enjoying this amazing time together.

Looking forward to working with you in the New Year. Enjoy.

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