Cancellation, Fees and Other Policies

With every professional business there is a serious side.

Thank you for taking the time to read, understand and appreciate how I bring the best customer service to you and others. Please help me maintain this quality service to you and my other clients by providing me with the following small courtesies.

I pride myself on attempting to make your experience as professional, inspirational and motivational as possible for your circumstances, with a view to letting go of the past negatives and moving forward to a more positive life. You will gain knowledge and the appropriate tools through working with me to move forward to a more positive life.

Booking and Cancellation Policy – has been designed to protect not only my business’ bottom line however in turn, my service affordability for you
• Due to high demand for my unique service, appointments are required to be pre booked/we work together to ensure you have the next available appointment (phone Mel 0426 218869 or email [email protected])
• Being fashionably late is great for parties however a nightmare for other clients and my business. Cancellation may be required (refer No Show and Cancellation Policy) I will endeavour to rebook your one on one appointment for the next available time.
• Punctuality with your appointment. I may accommodate you as best I can however I may not be able to hold a full one hour appointment, you will be charged for the full appointment.
• Working with families, I do understand how busy life becomes, therefore I offer a transfer service, if you are unable to make your appointment, however your spouse or child, step-child, a friend or family member would benefit, I may transfer your appointment to them.
• I ask you kindly give me a minimum 24 hour cancellation or transfer option. Time is very important to everyone. Remember what it feels like when you have booked your day around a friend or a tradesman and they ring and cancel, you have lost a day waiting!!! Could you imagine how you would have utilized your time if you knew earlier!!!
• Mobile phones – I understand it is sometimes necessary to have your phone on, however I do request that your phone be placed on vibrate so you may obtain the best from your appointment. Emergency calls will be answered, however texts and daily chat, need to wait until the end of your appointment.
• I provide an SMS reminder: the evening prior or morning of your appointment, this is my complimentary service for you. When received may you please return with confirmation of your attendance. (NOTE: I do not suggest that you rely on it solely as the reminder for your appointment as we are all aware technology is sometimes not reliable)
• I love children, however it is not appropriate for them to view or hear your situations, unless the appointment is made for them.

No Show and Cancellation Policies

No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage other clients who cannot book those time slots with me and therefore my business.

I ask for the benefit of everyone at least 24 hour notice of a cancellation so that I may offer that time slot to another client.

If you are unable to provide 24 hour notice or you fail to turn up for your appointment, are unable to transfer to a family member or friend then a full payment of your cancelled appointment will be required.

I understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking. I cannot however accept messages left on Sundays for a Monday appointment as it is insufficient notice – and I will not have enough time to try to rebook your time slot.

I thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact me on 0426 218 869 or email [email protected]

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