If you have nothing else in life, you always have a choice

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Welcome to Relationship Resolutions, the Relationship Educators.

We all have one life to live and we all deserve happiness, most of all we deserve to be loved unconditionally. If you are entering a new relationship or don’t feel you are loved in your current relationship, you always have a choice; that’s where I can help you:-

Hi, my name is Mel, CEO and creator of Relationship Resolutions; I am a Legal Relationship/Family Therapist. I have a passion for helping people, make informed choices in their relationships and assisting with the legal process that may follow a separation/divorce or the commencement of a second, third marriage.

Are you unsure if your relationship is abusive, maybe you are living in domestic violence, I can help you confirm if you are living in domestic violence and help you through your emotional journey to leave safely.

Love is love, however business is business, would you leave any job half finished? What would happen if you met the love of your life and you haven’t finalised your past relationship? What about your children, they deserve the stability of both loving parents, don’t use them as a pawn against your ex? How do you make a step family work?

The legal process doesn’t have to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and it is not difficult, explained in simplicity and whilst working with you through emotional situation, we work together to clean up your backyard and move you to a happier place.

Wherever you find yourself right now, in thoughts and feelings, please know you are not alone.

I understand we can be time poor and therefore appointments can be held in person, by phone, email, messenger.

If you make the choice to choose happiness, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting my site. Have a look and see if you think we are a good fit and if you do, it’s easy contact me and let’s have a chat, leave a text or send an email?

How I can help you be happier

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Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone

About me

Hello, my name is Mel Myrdycz founder of Relationship Resolutions, the Relationship Educators.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my site – a site created to help you, your family and friends.

I understand at different times in our lives we need someone to speak to.
Someone to relate with who has tools to help you.
Someone who’s walked a similar path and someone who has survived.
Someone we can trust who is not personal to our social arena.

Bestseller Books

Melanie Survivor grew up in a loving middle-class family where abuse didn’t exist. She had no idea when she met the suave, charming man that she was taking the first step into the world of domestic violence. She lived through years of progressive abuse, and gave birth to her first daughter, before finding the strength to escape. After falling into another abusive relationship, she finally learnt that the thing that had to change was herself.

Course 1 has been created firstly to help you ascertain some initial ideas, knowledge and understanding of what is wrong with your current relationship and to help you confirm if you are living in domestic violence. This course provides you with insight to what a healthy relationship looks like and what you should require in your relationship. It also provides you with some tools and knowledge on how to create and build boundaries that work for you.

Happy Clients

Mel is fantastic at what she does! My husband and I split amicably due to the help with Mel. She is wonderful as in these situations you are often not thinking very logically; she is able to talk you through step by step both the practical paperwork side of splitting and the emotional side. Along with how to best co-parent your child together. I would highly recommend Mel for any relationship situation as she is understanding with practical ideas and solutions.
Thank you so much for giving my people such wonderful service and compassion. You have helped them so much and I look forward to continuing with your magic shortly. It was wonderful working with you and my people who met you and who you helped are extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity.
I received an amazing phone call from a wife I had never met, thanking me for counselling her husband, bringing her partner/lover/husband back to her, she said it feels like they’re starting the honeymoon period all over again and was so grateful. She started to cry, explaining I saved their marriage, if not for her husband meeting me and his change in perspective and reconnection to their family, the marriage would have ended. She stated “You see I was packed and ready to leave upon his return home”.

Unsure you are living in an unhealthy relationship?

Mel recommends reading “Surviving the Devil, Escaping Domestic Violence, a true story”

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