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We all have one life to live and we all deserve happiness, most of all we deserve to be loved unconditionally. If you are entering a new relationship or don’t feel you are loved in your current relationship, you always have a choice; that’s where I can help you:-

Hi, my name is Mel, CEO and creator of Relationship Resolutions; I am a Legal Relationship Educator/Family Therapist. I have a passion for helping people, make informed choices in their relationships and assisting with the legal process that may follow a separation/divorce or the commencement of a second, third marriage.

Love is love, however business is business, would you leave any job half finished? What would happen if you met the love of your life and you haven’t finalised your past relationship? What about your children, they deserve the stability of both loving parents, don’t use them as a pawn against your ex? How do you make a step family work?

The legal process doesn’t have to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and it is not difficult, explained in simplicity and whilst working with you through emotional situation, we work together to clean up your backyard and move you to a happier place.

Wherever you find yourself right now, in thoughts and feelings, please know you are not alone. The 6 relationship areas I have created are to assist you on your journey to happiness, if an area resonates with you, just click on the title for more information:-



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Whether it’s your first marriage or second, third in which you may be commencing a step family, pre-marriage counselling can help you work through situations that may affect your marriage and help you live a happy relationship.

counselling or coaching

Are you feeling trapped; sad or maybe unsure of what you are feeling, don’t know what to do? Do you try and make up or is it time to break up? Find out how I can help you can move from the unknown hazy feeling of insecurity and sadness to a happy secure life, either reigniting a stale relationship or amicably ending.



You are not alone; I am here to help you traverse your legal and emotional journey. Learn the tools on how to amicably separate, saving thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees as I help you with your Child, Property Agreements and other legal matters whilst keeping your emotional integrity.



When experiencing a separation or divorce, your children have lost the security and foundation of their family unit and may spin out of control, are you interested in gaining new innovative co-parenting tools to help raise your children separately. These tools are also beneficial for all parents.
For teenagers, I provide Career Counselling, including work ethics, interview techniques, goal setting, helping them to focus their energy on creating their stable adult life.



Ready to Date again or been dating for a while and unable to find that right partner. We conduct day Seminars and face to face meeting events. Dating Seminars provide you with the tools, tips to dating in today’s world and upcoming events. I did say you are not alone through this journey I am still here as long as you need me. Have you cleaned up your backyard of all the legal and emotional attachments to your past relationship? Refer Legal Toolbox


step-families-615x425LIVING A HAPPY STEP FAMILY

OMG you have found the love of your life, that person who fills your world. How do you make bringing two families together? How do you parent your partners children, where do we live, how do we work finances, I own a home and he doesn’t, what happens with that? Finding the love of my life and entering a step family, I share with you the legalities, tools to working together, building a secure foundation for a successful relationship. Whether you have just commenced, thinking of commencing or have been living in a Step Family for years, gain the knowledge to help you work through those Step Family issues.


There you go, not the front page of most websites. I wanted to share with you just a little about what I do here at Relationship Resolutions, from educating to helping with legalities and drawing some new innovative contracts for parenting children, to providing the tools to dating again and helping build happy families. If you make the choice to choose happiness, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting my site. Have a look and see if you think we are a good fit and if you do, it’s easy contact me and let’s have a chat, leave a text or send an email?  Take that first step towards your happiness.

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