Mel is fantastic at what she does! My husband and I split amicably due to the help with Mel. She is wonderful as in these situations you are often not thinking very logically; she is able to talk you through step by step both the practical paperwork side of splitting and the emotional side. Along with how to best co-parent your child together. I would highly recommend Mel for any relationship situation as she is understanding with practical ideas and solutions.

Thank you for all your help during this time; it was invaluable!

Mel is wonderful, I highly recommend her services. She has a great insight into relationships and blended families. She is warm, caring and genuine. I’m so glad our paths crossed and for the help she has given myself and my partner. I’m forever grateful – thanks Mel!

Thank you so much for giving my people such wonderful service and compassion. You have helped them so much and I look forward to continuing with your magic shortly. It was wonderful working with you and my people who met you and who you helped are extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity.

I received an amazing phone call from a wife I had never met, thanking me for counselling her husband, bringing her partner/lover/husband back to her, she said it feels like they’re starting the honeymoon period all over again and was so grateful. She started to cry, explaining I saved their marriage, if not for her husband meeting me and his change in perspective and reconnection to their family, the marriage would have ended. She stated “You see I was packed and ready to leave upon his return home”.

Mel, you are amazing, I was in a dead beat relationship with a man who did not love me, overweight and negative about life. I want to let you know how much your support and positive life direction has changed my life, I left the negative situation, lost weight, I am now married to an amazing man, love and life is fantastic, thank you.

Thank you so much Mel, you changed my life, when I met you and I was heavily into drugs, spiraling out of control, I didn’t know it though, life was fun.  I didn’t see the scars on my face and didn’t realise just how skinny I was, very unattractive.  I remember one thing, you didn’t make me feel like I was in the wrong.  I don’t think you know how much you helped me change my life, you kicked my ass, you didn’t let me get away with anything, you are tough.  I wanted to let you know that I am engaged to be married to a loving lady and I no longer take drugs.  You have me the strength to believe in myself.

What can I say ….. I call Mel my angel as she came into my life at my lowest point. The amazing thing about Mel is that she won’t pick you up and support you, rather teach you to do it for yourself. She intuitively sees the beauty within you but won’t sing it out loud to temporarily inflate your ego, but open your eyes to be able to see and love it for yourself. Mel doesn’t put you down to make herself appear better (like so many others I’ve blindly followed) but rather sees you as an equal from day one. Mel truly is an angel and has been a huge blessing and an honour to have her in my life.

Very inspiring course. Mel gave us lots to thing about and positive points and tools to use in everyday life situations, I am no longer scared to live, bring it on.

I didn’t want to meet you, I remember my first appointment with you, I felt like I was crazy. You made me feel normal so fast and then you told mum you thought I may have aspergers. I didn’t even know what that was. We booked a psychiatrist appointment and you were right. WOW what a weight it felt was lifted off my shoulders, I wasn’t crazy there was a name for why I was me, mum understood me now. You changed my life, you are the teenage super nanny, I am so grateful that I met you and still see you through my difficult times.

Mel I never knew I was living in abuse as this had been my life pattern. Growing up without a dad and not having very good step dad role models did not assist my perception. When we met I did not want to tell you, but it was like you knew. You never judged me, made me feel special and heard and gave me the strength to speak up. When we spoke I cried, I still don’t know what real love is, but I now know what abuse is. I wanted to let you know that I have not gone back to him, I am a stronger person and I will never return to abuse. I believe in myself now and my children have their mother back. I never told you I was ready to take my life and my children’s (I am pretty sure you knew anyway, in the way that you do), but because of you, we are here and happy with a new outlook that life is here to live and we are happy. Thank you.

Mel is a straight talker, she doesn’t talk around in circles.  I had a difficult teenage life, my parents where at the end of their rope with me, they took me to expensive psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and I never felt different, always believing there was something wrong with me.  Then I met Mel, she made me feel great, I was no longer able to blame others for my life, she made me realise I was making the choices in my life, I could make a choice to change or stay on the same road which in the past always seemed the best option.  Mel gave me hope, she really cares, but she doesn’t pamper you, she isn’t in it for the money, I remember a midnight call where I totally lost the plot and she didn’t even ask about money, she just came and calmed me down.  I don’t know where I would be today without her.  As a young adult, I experience difficulties and I return to Mel, within a short period of time I am back on track.  Mel is truly amazing, I am so glad she is my therapist.

I loved the course and love meeting all of the lovely ladies, I don’t feel so alone. Mel is a wonderful beautiful lady who makes such a huge difference to people’s lives. I am so glad I had the pleasure of doing the course and I hope one day I can make a difference. Every female should attend this course.

You picked me up out of the gutter, believed in me when no one else did; you never judged or gave up on me. I am forever grateful. I now run my own business and will never forget you and you can do attitude.

At 15 years old, I thought life was not worth living, my family wealthy, being bought up money is everything, feeling like a failure in my parent’s eyes as I am an average student, so much pressure. Mel you were my angel, you helped me see life differently, you gave me strength and I now believe in myself which helped me reconnect with my parents. No longer feeling a need to please, now wanting to embrace life and my parent’s thank you, they say their son is back. I was heading for drugs or anything to stop the failure feeling; my life could have ended up so different, but thanks to meeting you, I am ok.

Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone