If you feel like you have nothing else left in life, remember you always have choices

Hello, my name is Mel Myrdycz founder of Relationship Resolutions, the Relationship Educators.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my site – a site created to help you, your family and friends.

I understand at different times in our lives we need someone to speak to.
Someone to relate with who has tools to help you.
Someone who’s walked a similar path and someone who has survived.
Someone we can trust who is not personal to our social arena.

When we meet you will feel welcomed, heard and never judged.

Relationship Resolutions doesn’t dwell on the negatives or blame others. We work together in pursuit of a positive future, providing to you the tools to let go of the past.
Our mission is simply this:

To provide individuals, couples and families with the tools to discover happiness, integrity and love with a view to building a happy amicable relationships.

Working with me, you can be assured:
  • Our sessions are 100% confidential
  • You will always feel heard
  • You will never feel judged
  • You will receive honest information and goal settings
  • You will leave your sessions feeling motivated
  • We focus on the positives in life and work through the negative
  • Commissioner for Declarations

Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone