Life Coaching is all about YOU

Yes, YOU!  Do you feel your life has no direction, are you feeling a bit lost and don’t seem to fit anywhere, maybe feel invisible, feeling getting up every day is like a chore, a hassle, not feeling heard or loved. Feeling sad, depressed, anxiety creating major distractions for your life, maybe asking yourself one of the questions below :-

imagesWhat I am supposed to do with my life?
Why am I here?
Am I in an abusive relationship, he/she doesn’t think I do anything right?
I am sure I am worth more than this, I just don’t know how to make the change?
I hate school but what alternatives are there for me?
Why can’t I find a great partner, someone who will love me unconditionally?
How come I always attract the wrong people to my life?
Why do I not feel heard, why do I feel like I am walked over all the time?
Should I change my career?
I just want to fit in and don’t know how?
I don’t want to be sad anymore, but I feel stuck?

I will help you one on one to work through letting go of what no longer serves you, finding what is really important in your life and how to achieve your goals.

To book your exclusive one hour session/s:-

  1. Please contact me by phone call or text on 0426 218869 or email Mel at [email protected] to organise:-
  2. Date and time (I suggest having a few options);
  3. l will provide you with payment options;
  4. Payment to be made prior to appointment unless otherwise discussed;
  5. Please read Cancellation Policy;
  6. We can hold the session in person (I am located in Caloundra) or via Phone/Messenger (agreed service confirmed prior to appointment time).

The way this works best is the following:-
I work with you one on one,
I will get in the trenches with YOU,
I will help you work through letting go of what no longer serves you, and provide you with the tools you need to live a wonderful life,
I won’t give up on you and I will believe in you,
I will be completely honest with you always,
I will motivate you when you feel you have nothing left to give,
I will encourage you when you just don’t get it, to see a different perspective,

You are not alone, you have a confident you can rely on
BUT I AM NOT THE ONE who does the hard work, you ARE

As you take the journey with me, your life coach, you will feel empowered and motivated to assess situations yourself. You will be reminded of your strengths, helping you to feel better about yourself and receive valuable honest feedback on your thoughts and behaviours, with the main aim to coaching into your wonderful life.

I understand the first step is the hardest step to take, but don’t hesitate, if you feel lost and confused and need direction to starting your personal journey to relationship success and happiness, call or email Mel now.


Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone