Embrace Your Mummy

Mother and children
Embracing my mother

Written by a beautiful young lady, Charlean for her mother, they have not always experienced a close relationship, there were times of separation however both came together realised their pasts, lessons where learnt and tough times had however they knew what they have is meant to last, unconditional love –  I hope you enjoy her poem.


I chose you before you chose me, one day soon you will be my mummy,

you’ll hold me close and love me so,

you’ll look after me forever and watch me grow,

teach me to sit, craw and walk,

you will teach me as I will teach you, everyday learning something new,

you’ll protect me from bad and show me the good,

at times you’ll even think if you should,

you’ll teach me lessons so I’ll grow up strong,

you’ll teach me my right from wrong,

you’ll make me happy when I feel sad and calm me down when I feel mad,

you’ll watch me grow it will happen so fast, so cuddle me daily “it won’t last”

before you know it I’ll be all grown up and you will be wondering what to do!

so live every minute as if it’s your last, come on mum we’ll have a blast,

you will make mistakes as I will too, but together well figure out what to do,

play with me let’s have fun, remember I only have one mum,

you will love me as I will you, not long now mummy and it will be us two,

I’ll make you as happy as can be, you’ll be happy to finally have me,

you’ll look into my eyes and hold me tight, knowing now everything will be all right,

your life has changed oh can you see,

it’s not just you now there’s also me,

and when that time comes where I have to lay you to rest

remember my MUM you are the BEST.

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