Exclusive One Hour Appointments

I have years of experience in helping people in all types of relationships and my passion and main area of expertise is relationship family counselling, (also known as marriage counselling).   I can cover any of the following topics or if you have something more specific I can customise our session for you.

counselling or coaching

~ Couples Counselling
~ Teenage and your children counselling
~ Reigniting your Relationship
~ The whole picture Family Counselling
~ Conscious Uncoupling also known as Separation Therapy
~ Starting Over – Living a Step/Blended family

To book your exclusive one hour session:-Please contact me by phone call or text on 0426 218869 or email Mel at [email protected] to organise:-

  1. Date and time (I suggest having a few options);
  2. l will provide you with payment options
  3. Payment to be made prior to appointment unless otherwise discussed;
  4. Please read Cancellation Policy;
  5. I can hold the session in person (I am located in Caloundra) or via Phone/Messenger, email or phone (agreed service confirmed prior to appointment time).

In a world that is starved for authentic, loving relationships, I help people through coaching and counselling to gain their perfect partnerships/families, that partnership/family that is tailored for you.

The joy you will experience as a couple or family to move from the hurt feeling, that feeling of non-appreciation or lack of respect, that feeling of being unloved or just confused to WOW I am amazed, all my relationships, professional and personal are now feeding me the love and support I’ve always deserved. Now everything seems easier.

I work always tailoring to your individual situations and I have extensive experience in building happy relationships, long sustainable happy marriages/partnerships or if required separating/divorcing amicably.

You will feel heard, loved and supported in your journey and the best thing is you are not alone; you have a confidant who you can rely on.
I understand the first step is the hardest step to take, but don’t hesitate, if you feel lost and confused and need direction to starting your personal journey to relationship success and happiness, contact me or email Mel  [email protected].


Let me help you. You don't have to take this journey alone