Birth of RR Letters – how you can get the answers you need

RR (Real Relationship) Letters begins sharing tomorrow, yeahhhh, I am so excited.  The aim of RR Letters is to get those answers you are seeking from a Relationship Expert.

Teenage broken love

RR Letters is an easy and affordable way to obtain the information you need about any relationship.  You can ask me anything at all and you will always only receive an open, honest and truthful answer.

Is your relationship fantastic, if not, why not? Do you have questions about your relationship, it may be with your mum or dad, expectations, step dad, step mum, it may be about your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, sister, brother, work colleague or you feel lost and out of control with no direction, this is the most important relationship, the relationship with yourself, etc etc

You just can’t find the time in your day to attend a course or a 1 hour session, or research the answers, so you park the feeling hoping it will get better, but it doesn’t next week it is still the same, next month it is the same, give yourself permission to be happy ask RR Letters it is your answer and it is as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Email [email protected] your question, type in the subject line, RR Letter and state whether it is to be confidential or share (your name and email address is never provided to anyone else)

2. You will receive a return email with details for payment, you pay the affordable fee and email back the paid reference number;

3. You receive the answer to your question, (your question may be published and shared with the world on our webpage, face book, linked in etc if it is not marked confidential)

Sharing your question will help others in the world who may want to ask that question, but don’t know how.

To commence I will be sharing one letter per week written by you (only those letters providing consent can be chosen, you may not consent and your relationship question will be answered confidentially.)

Share with your friends, ask the questions, just press contact Mel on our webpage for easier access, start your journey today… enjoy a happier life, don’t you deserve the best?

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