Stand up – say NO MORE to bullying

QUOTE FOR THE WEEK:Return to school blog Jan 2014

With the return to school of our beautiful children, we know there are many subjects they will learn, the most important being the subject of life, learning skills from friends and non friends on how to act.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that we will all be touched personally or know someone who is being bullied.

Stand up, make a difference, you can make the choice to make the change, don’t allow someone you care about to be bullied, don’t join in with the bully, stand up for the goodness of life, in fact you will be helping the bully to stop their pattern and become a better person in society. IT IS TIME, YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH, WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO ENSURE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO ANYONE ANYMORE.

“Kindness and courtesy can make an average person superior; indifference and lack of concern can make a person average”

Which person do you choose to be?


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